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Monday, November 19, 2012

açaizeiro (noun) : a type of palm tree that grows in Brazil and that produces açai berries a'ight (adjective) : [contraction of "all right"] all is well, ok "How are you feeling today?" "A'ight." A-game (noun) : one's highest level of play or performance (noun) : top performance; a person's attitude and self-confidence when he/she gets serious and down to business while giving his/her all I've gotten all dressed up for this party because I'll be bringing my A-Game! A-lister (noun) : a person on the A-list: a prominent person A-town (noun) : Atlanta,Georgia I'm gonna take it down A-town style! A-towner (noun) : A slang term for people from cities beginning with "A". For example, Albany, New York, Abraham, New York, Atlanta, Georgia, Alexandria, Louisiana or Augusta, Maine. aaabeduation (noun) : The practice of adding the letter "A" to the beginning of a business name so it appears at the beginning of the phone book.

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